Sunday, November 7, 2010


I took a drive one day to find the poor faces that I heard of; each face instead displayed a sense of pride - a glow of intense love; To think that I would dare complain when they have so much more than me - a plywood box that they call home, this family of three.

They share no battle, there is no fear, content to have each other; as I drove on I was greeted by so many - no shoes or food - happy to have a mother; I finally reached the place I searched for, way atop a hill; a cemetary with a view of all, the bones are glistening still.

Here we stand, in luxury appalled, trying to convince ourselves they would feel better in different places. Never mind we are the hypocrites who thrive on others' disgraces.

If you take a deeper look you will realize it is you that has already fallen; back into the earth that you worked to keep for so long just to find a grave to crawl in.

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