Monday, May 9, 2011



I have been around. I have seen more than I can recount. I laugh lovingly at each interaction. I believe I should be open to all around me. Life is a circle that I know too well. Denial is only embracing hell. I have seen more than I care to admit. Albeit, I will not be harsh because I am fearful of the impact it may bestow upon me.

Reflection and haunting have enlightened me. A natural witch, I choose not to laugh at the signs that are thrown before me. It will come soon, I say to myself. I know all too well the bellowing winds, the cat o' nines, the bloody tears.

Do not take lightly that which has been given to you. There is so much more out there... so much more worse that you can ever imagine.

Love freely. Love unconditionally. Give all that you would like given to you. Only then can you achieve balance. For everything you do, it will only come back to you threefold.

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