Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kissing for Dummies

We have all spent some time (come on, be honest!) checking out how-to books. There are many to choose from - internet for dummies, how to cook, how to speak a second language, how to be a better lover, to name a few. The latter have always been amusing to me.

I thoroughly enjoy a few of the premium adult channels on occasion. I especially get a kick at playing "I Spy.” I count the number of crotch patches caught on film in each flick (LOL). I have to remember to write them a note via e-mail one day to ask the camera man to stay away from the "patch area.” It kinda ruins it, for a person such as me, who is looking for a few new ideas and motivation.

Last night, I watched a romantic comedy called "Love and Sex" on cable. It was very interesting and funny. The story is about a woman who drifts in and out of relationships before she falls for a commitment-reluctant artist. They had scenes that are to die for. For example, after a year into this final relationship, the artist decides to end the relationship just as they turned in for bed. He also compares long term relationships to a cheese sandwich. On the flip side, it would be nice to see a movie mad on just kissing.

I was discussing the topic of kissing with a male friend the other night. I mentioned how a girlfriend of mine was disappointed in the way her first date went because of a rough kiss goodnight. He stated frankly that she was not being fair; after all, everyone kisses differently. She should not complain, she should adjust. I smirked at the comment. Who would accept that option?!

So, while we may enjoy some rough play on aggressive days, I believe it is safe to say that a sexy kiss goes a long way. I decided to blog down a few steps to successful kissing:

1. Roll up your sleeve and locate the inside fold of your arm (where your elbow area is). Hopefully, you can reach the area (smile)
2. Kiss into the inside fold of your arm so that you can determine your style.

* If your arm feels as though you were attacked by sharks, you are too rough
* If your arm feels as though you were being kissed by your dog, you are too sloppy
* If you get turned on during this process, you need to get out more

There is no harm in practicing. Kiss on, my friends!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Searching For A Good Read

I was at the bookstore searching for something new. There were so many genres to choose from, so many new ideas too. I picked up one after another - browsing. Still, I could not choose. Isn't it funny? Sometimes people are treated like books. They pick up one and sometimes they leaf through it. Others are enchanted by the pictures, only to become disappointed when they read it. The brave ones dare to start at the beginning and work their way through to fruition.

The careless ones are those that concern me.

He judges a book by its cover or gets bored half way through. He picks it up for a time, and then he drops it. Worse still is when he skips the pages just to get to the climax so he can finish and leave it behind. Why does he leave the book behind?

I guess choosing the right book is as difficult as choosing the right reader. No one really knows what suits them until they take a chance.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

If I Were A Stranger

Would you wonder who I was
how I felt, where I was from
would you care to talk to me
hear my thoughts, share a laugh
would you desire me
want to hold me, need a kiss

If I were a stranger?

Ask me how I feel, tell me what you see
make some time for me
let me know you need me - love me
wait to hear my thoughts
wake to feel my presence
care about me, please

Why not treat me like a stranger?

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Beauty of You

Sometimes we love, but not in kisses or embraces
nor from touches or seeing faces
but rather, we feel, deep in our soul
through pictures, imagination, perspective and goals

Where no holds are barred and our spirit is our sword
and memories too painful can be revealed
the crickets are calling to lead you astray
if you find them near, they will take you away

Call it what you may, our will is strongly stated
regardless of the wrongs that we might have done
we vocalize all that is forbidden and severely hated
while the real sinners hide in their closets or lay out in the sun

If we illustrate pain, danger, and fear
to embellish the fiction with a bit of fact
it becomes a great read, a cool song, a new stranger
surely there can be no harm in that

When life’s mistakes can be illustrated
it can lead us to frightening good cheer
real life tv is too false to believe
embellishing someone else’s drama while we sip a beer

We will wake your soul and affect your instincts deep
arousing your senses until you have discovered you are weak
it can rescue you or take you to a deep dark place
or lead you to true love when describing a face

Take into account that not all words are true
that is the beauty of it, you know, the imagination of you

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starry, Scary Night

Life is but an experience
Sleep is for the meek
Love is best reserved for children
Trust is not only for the weak

Take care to watch the night
Listen to the voices calling
You are never alone in your fright
There goes another angel falling

The pains of the day were only a bee sting
Your cries in the night are heard afar
Seeking solace within yourself is one thing
While you wish upon that star

Don't worry about what lies ahead
The end is near for you - the end of the day
Forgotten are the memories that haunted your bed
I thought that would creep you out today

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


How comforting it must be to live your way
Never contemplating nor trying to understand me
Secure in knowing I am in your presence each and every day
Despite complaints that I have been feeling lonely

In retaliation, you insult me openly, you are such a disgrace
How funny, nothing you say can protect you
In the end I will have on the happy face
There will be no heart on this sleeve you can hold on to

Sadness will leave you marked ill and alone
Being left behind and forgotten once you can't use your hand
What once could have been a good life and a happy home
Will become your death's bed even before you command

And when the time where you finally seek out affection
And you want to be a part of my day
I will be walking out the door happy and without affliction
While you cry out in fear of losing the person you had no problem to betray