Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go To Sleep

The sun has set and the darkness is near. With dread, you prepare for bed. Everyone else has fallen asleep. They are coming for you soon. They are always timely and unnerving.

In your bed, you hear the whispers. On some nights, you are fortunate to fall asleep quickly. On other nights, you lay helpless in torment and agony. There is no one to help you through this. You are alone.

The first one comes quietly. Demure and modest, she appears as a beautiful apparition. She does not complain. She is compliant with life. She dares not upset that delicate balance that keeps her life whole. She tells you all is well. You should embrace the life before you. Accept all that is given you, regardless of the circumstances. You find her lacking power, influence, and ability. She disgusts you.

The next one comes with a vengeance. She who embraces the absence of light. She is formidable and confident. She seeks out destruction. She dares not trust and she vows to repay all who cause her discomfort. She whispers uncertainties in your ear while she firmly grasps your neck. As you lose your breath, she discloses the secrets and lies that surround you. She tells you to prepare and to be aware. You are alarmed and concerned. She makes you angry.

Unbalanced by the confrontations, you anticipate the final hour where you attain sleep. You embrace your pillow and shut your eyes tightly. But the last, most formidable, creature is near.

She lies coiled at your feet. The scars of pain and turmoil are etched in her expressions. Her eyes appear hollow and vacant. She is filthy from having writhed on the floor. She reeks of insecurities and abuse. Having submitted to the lowest of standards, she claims no escape. She blatantly states that your love does not exist. You are alone in your despair. There is no solace; you will find no hope. The weight of the words ache in your chest. You scream in agony, but no one can hear you.

Those faces. The voices. The inequities. You have grown exhausted and worn from the attacks. Despite it all, you need to sleep. And as you fall into the darkness you acknowledge the truth: there is no escaping the many faces of you.

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