Thursday, July 30, 2009


He approaches the entrance, removing an item of clothing with each step. Nearly undressed, he has reached his destination. He hesitates. Sighing, he moves toward the door. It feels clammy and moist to his touch. He pushes gently and the door creaks open.

Carefully, he enters. In doing so, he loses consciousness. He remains standing while the wind embraces him and he glides to the center of the room. He experiences a painful ecstasy as his flesh is slowly peeled away, ripping, beginning at his feet. He hears what sounds like a surgical glove that is being removed from a physician’s hand, only to realize the sounds are coming from him. There is movement everywhere. Coils of cable-like branches are unwinding and moving toward him. They unravel at the floor to his feet and course through his exposed muscle tissue. They are almost at their destination - his groin.

His eyes open as if awakened from a trance. His body is pulsating and deformed. The roots are now entwined with his muscle tissue, moving through his veins. In agony, he lets out a bloodcurdling scream while the cords rip out through his center. Out of each tear liquid is flowing. A mixture of blood, earth and root follows.

The roots entwine as if to form a cord. He begins to claw at his body, attempting to prevent the inevitable. His blood is boiling. His muscle tissues are outstretched and gurgling. The cord slithers from his center while maintaining its grasp and anchors itself into an outlet.


The door closes as a woman walks past. Without the slightest glance, she sips her tea. “Mmm,” she sighs. “Looks like we finally have power.”

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