Sunday, July 5, 2009

Play with This

Think about this - you’ve dyed your hair, you have piercings, you hang out in the hottest places, your friends want to be around you. Maybe you are Goth, you like secrets, you are dangerous; you like girls - and boys....

He is checking you out. He is hot for you. Play the game, be what he wants. You got him! A week or so has passed and you feel like you’re beginning to dig his friend. What’s up with that? Oh boy, you fell into the same old rut again. Dump him, go for the friend, get dumped.

It is getting so boring. The parties are great - you are meeting new people. This looks like fun. You wanted to look hot; you got the guy, but now he just doesn’t seem worth your time. He isn’t what you wanted. At what point should you stop?

Let’s begin with this:

Step 1: Denial

No way in hell are you going to admit that you were at fault. He should know what you like by now; he should know what you are feeling.

Step 2: Confrontation

It’s his fault you are still flirting. If he paid more attention to you, this would not be a problem. Hanging with the crew, having my drink, “Let’s get this party started!”. If he didn’t want the heat, he should have never brought you there in the first place! He has no right getting in your face that way!!!

Step 3: Realization

I am feeling alone right now. I am depressed. I am lost inside of myself. I am just riding a wave. I hate my hair. I need a new wardrobe. This guy sucks. I want to be loved for me. Why can’t I be happy? @#$(%!@# them all!!!

Step 4: Acceptance

Obviously I am not happy. If I was, I wouldn’t be in this place again. They can’t be all wrong. I changed my style at least five times to nab the guys I was aiming for. I got them, then I didn't want them. That one hit I got was worth it, but he walked away - didn't want "to get burned". Why can’t I be loved for me? Maybe, I am not really representing myself.

Step 5: Healing

You are wild; you are crazy. You sleep around. Get over yourself. Face the facts. You have needs. Be honest. You want something different, change. If you are okay with who you are, start loving yourself. Everything you are, what you do, and what you like is what makes you. When you get comfortable with that, you can walk with your head high and land whatever you like. Be whatever you like. Let each mood take you where you want to go. When you land here, you will be happy being you and you will love what you are doing. Just play it safe.

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