Friday, July 31, 2009

Neighborly Love

Muriel and Agnes are neighbors. They have been friends for more than 40 years. Although ripe in age, they manage to keep with the times . . .

Phone rings . . .

Muriel: “Hello?”
Agnes: “It’s Agnes.”
Muriel: “Why hello, dear. How are you?”
Agnes: “I noticed a large truck come in today. There was a big package.”
Muriel: “Oh really? I don’t recall receiving a package . . . ”
Agnes: “Muriel, focus! I meant next door!”
Muriel: “Oh. Really? That’s nice.”
Agnes: “Do you have your binoculars handy?”
Muriel: “Why, yes. Yes I do.”
Agnes: “Let’s have a look then, shall we?”
Muriel: “Okay. Let's see - my, what a pretty garden!”
Agnes: “Muriel, focus! That’s just an accessory!”
Muriel: “Oh, sorry.”
Agnes: “Do you see? Something is terribly wrong!”
Muriel: “Whatever do you mean? There are children. Oh, and I see a young woman . . . ”
Agnes: “I don’t believe they read the directions.”
Muriel: “Come again?”
Agnes: “When I walked past, I noticed the label on the truck before it parked.”
Muriel: “Yes?”
Agnes: "Well, it read: "Interaction is required for successful implementation.""
Muriel: “Oh my . . . ”
Agnes: “Yes.”
Muriel: “Do you think she will notice?”
Agnes: “They always do, dear. They always do.”
Muriel: “Care for a spot of tea?”
Agnes: “I would love some, thank you. I will be right over.”

Agnes hangs up the phone, walks out of her home (glances next door, of course), and crosses the street to visit her friend.

Perhaps Agnes and Muriel should try the Internet instead . . .

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